Are My Portion Sizes Out of Control?

proper portions

Sometimes our biggest saboteur to our weight loss is ourselves. We exercise every day for around an hour. We make sure that we are eating healthy and whole foods. But the weight just doesn’t come off. Maria Sanders from Miami Florida said she had been on a clean eating healthy diet for over two months and only managed to lose 3 pounds. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong. She never ate any processed foods, she drank a glasses of water a day, and she avoided sugar throughout the entire two months. It wasn’t until she invited over a friend of hers who is nutritionist in another state and asked her for help that she realized what she was doing wrong.

Why wasn’t Mary losing weight each month?

The nutritionist told her that while her food options were very healthy and smart choices, that she was eating too much for her body type and her weight goals. While she should have been eating less than three-quarter or a half cup whole wheat pasta, she was eating over a cup for example. As a woman who was quite short, she simply didn’t need that much past that each day. She was also eating too many carbohydrates throughout the day in addition to portion sizes that were too large. She was also consuming way too many facts. Maria thought that eating a bag of almonds each day was something healthy instead of reaching for popcorn or crackers. And while almonds are healthy, they should only be eaten in very small quantities and less than 12 a day. The bag of almonds alone was amounting to over 800 extra calories a day.

What happened after she reduced her portion sizes?

The nutritionist told Maria to start monitoring her portion sizes by using the 21 day fix portion control containers to track her food intake. The various sizes will teach you about healthy amounts of food and how many you need each day according to your current weight and height. After another two months of using the containers, Maria was able to lose 15 pounds. She is almost at her goal weight and if so thrilled that she was able to continue eating the way she was before and simply had to eat less in order to lose more weight. By combining this type of nutrition plan alongside an exercise program that will increase strength and flexibility, Maria will get to her goal weight in no time.

Got Back Pain? 3 Signs It’s Time to See a Specialist

When you’re young, you hardly have to think twice about moving. Kids run for hours on end, playing outside from dawn until dusk outside with their friends. They hardly think twice about moving around, running, jumping. Haven’t you ever been to the shopping mall and seen a pair of kids race up the stairs while their parents take the escalator? Because, why wouldn’t you? You’re a kid! Running and sports is a form of play, whereas adults view it as exercise, drudgery.spinal injury

But life takes its toll and as the years pass, we start to feel it afterwards. I remember waking up on my 25th birthday with a sore back and had no idea why. That turned into the occasional leg cramp or shoulder ache. I’d never experience aches and pains in my life and all of a sudden, I would get tight muscles instantly and need to stretch it out. I felt out even though I was still so young, but my body just wasn’t as agile and flexible as it was when I was a kid. But if you start to feel that simple tasks are extremely difficult to accomplish, it’s time you see someone. Some people have injuries that could be easily fixed by seeing a specialist and instead they suffer for year after year.

But when I played rugby in senior year of university, I had a really bad accident that lead to a spinal cord injury. It was so bad that I needed to see a neurosurgeon to help realign and adjust my spine. I was only 27 but I needed to have spine surgery or they were afraid I’d never walk again. My surgeon discussed the risks and benefits with me and I was prepared to never be able to walk again. But the risk was worth it because I wanted to get my body back to it was prior to my accident and injury. Having a spinal cord inury could lead to irreversible damage to the spine. This leads to becomnig much weaker, losing sensation in and around the body. Everything that once seemed easy now seems a million times more difficult.

During the surgery, my Neurosurgeon specializes in a number of different areas including helping people with issues with the brain, spinal cord and their nerves. After the surgery, I was bed-bound for several weeks and later entered into a rehabilitation process. Weeks of spinal therapy and a special massage given by the therapists in his office helped me on my way to a full recovery. I have since been able to complete regular exercise and am hoping in a few years will be strong enough to start playing football again.

Organic Remedies for Teeth Whitening

One of the biggest products on demand in today’s beauty market is any type of treatment, liquid or paste that offers teeth whitening or reversing the effects of stains and teeth discoloration. The sad truth is that many of these teeth whitening strips are often full of chemicals that are unsafe, untested and may actually result in deterioration of the teeth. None of these remedies are proven to be safe and trusted and you might cause irreversible damage to your teeth purely for the benefit of having whiter looking teeth!

How vain can we get? teeth-whitening-remedies But it’s natural that you want a big white smile so you look amazing in photographs with your friends and family, or even because you may feel insecure when smiling in public because your teeth are discolored or white. Oftentimes, our genetics dictate what our teeth look like regardless of how often we brush or teeth or floss them. I have friends who have naturally yellow teeth even though their oral hygiene is better than other friends of ours who rarely floss. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to change your genetic code, but rather than invest in expensive products with harsh chemicals that could lead to permanent damage in your teeth and in other areas of your overall health and well being, there are a number of organic and natural solutions for teeth whitening.

Our highly recommended best dentist suggests the following solutions for those who seem to have stubborn teeth issues and need a way to lighten their teeth: You can make your own homemade paste to put on your teeth out of baking soda mixed with some natural freshly squeezed lemon juice. Baking soda contains a natural chemical that can help scrub away stains that have accumulated on your teeth as a result of your diet and this can help your teeth lighten. Use this remedy once a week to maintain healthy white looking teeth.

strawberries for teeth

Another dentist favorite remedy consists of strawberries, baking soda and some sea salt! A lot of people might worry that the red in the strawberries will cause the same effect as red wine but this simply isn’t true. Because of the vitamin C content in strawberries, plaque will break down and everyone knows that plaque is the contributing factor behind yellow-stained teeth. You can scrub with your finger but it is most effective with a high quality grade toothbrush.

Oil pulling is nature’s best friend and can help improve a number of health ailments that affect the body. You can pull or “swish” various types of oils in your mouth for different effects, but for the benefit of oral hygiene, coconut oil is best and also tastes delicious! This will work almost the same way as bleaching. All you need to do is swish the oil around your mouth for around 10 minutes and spit it out afterwards. Always remember to brush your teeth afterwards so you will go to bed with sparkling white rejuvenated teeth!

Fiber helps you lose weight and relax

When losing weight, it can be very stressful and you may often feel weighed down with pressure and societal pressure from the media to do it fast or to lose a certain amount so you look a certain way. In reality, you can lose weight and do it in a more stress free and relaxing environment. You just need to focus on your goals and realize that the most important thing isn’t losing weight instantly and quickly, but doing it safely and following a fool-proof method.

My friend Sharon Lewis lost 10 pounds after reading about these diet pills skinny fiber reviews and the glucomannan and soluble fibre helps expand in her stomach to make her feel fuller longer. She went on the 90 day challenge with these pills and was consistent throughout. She only lost 10 pounds in 3 months which is only a bit over 3 pounds a month. Most people would give up after the first month but she realized the value in consistency. Three pounds over the course of a year is 36 pounds. Most people lose weight fast and then quickly regain it when they go to their old ways of eating and exercising.

You need to get in the right mindset. Sometimes I wake up and the first thing I think is “I do not want to workout today”. Rather than just do it fast and get it over with, I dwell on it all day about how I don’t want to to it. This helps no one. I learned many weight loss tips at and one of them was to focus on your goals and your inspiration. Sharon looks at before and after pictures of other people who have had success with skinny fiber and then she gets inspired to keep taking it even if a week goes by and her weight loss hasn’t increased by much. She just keeps on going and this is her focus and motivation.

The Right Diet For You

Every body is different and every person is different and this is where it gets tricky – you need to find a diet and workout plan that works for you and you alone. You can’t expect that the diet pill that helped Mary lose 30 pounds is going to help you, or if your brother doesn’t drink Coke for 3 months and loses 30 pounds, that you will too.

Each and every person is different and for this reason it is important to try many different things before giving up or assuming that quite simply you are not capable of serious weight loss, because that simply isn’t true. A good friend of mine lost over 40 pounds going on the hcg diet which is a diet that uses a hormone typically found in pregnant women to help boost your metabolism in addition to burn extra fat bulges that are usually really stubborn. This hormone in hcg can help you lose a lot of weight providing you take the drops each day. You can find more information about this online and can learn how this diet can help you lose up to 40 pounds in 4 months. It’s really ground-breaking but surprisingly has been around for decades. People don’t typically follow this diet so much because it requires a lot of hard work.

Not only do you need to consistently take the drops each day but you need to drink a ton of water and also you have to follow a super strict and limited diet which is only 500 calories a day. That is so hard for most people because we typically consume 2000 calories or more a day to maintain our weight.

But if you really want to lose weight, you’ll give it a shot. Bear in mind, you will also have to exercise but only light exercising because you won’t be consuming enough calories otherwise. I lost some weight on this diet but I prefer eating a lot more calories and for this reason I opted to go on a different diet called skinny fiber which was a healthy fiber diet plan and focused more on eating and drinking healthy foods and not junk. This has helped me a lot and I hope to continue to lose weight. As far as exercise goes, I usually workout 4 times a week but for no more than 40 minutes at a time. I like to mix both weights and cardio together because weight lifting makes you super nice and lean in a way that only doing cardio can’t. It’s up to you essentially what you prefer but we have found that this is the most successful way to lose weight fast. The diet will work if you commit to it so follow the plan precisely and you won’t have any doubts after you see your stomach shrink, your arms get nice and tones and lean for the beach and also your thighs will be strong and muscular from all the push-ups and the weight lifting.

Let us know how you get along with the diets and I’m sure you won’t regret having chosen one of the most age-old and popular diets of the decade!