Are My Portion Sizes Out of Control?

proper portions

Sometimes our biggest saboteur to our weight loss is ourselves. We exercise every day for around an hour. We make sure that we are eating healthy and whole foods. But the weight just doesn’t come off. Maria Sanders from Miami Florida said she had been on a clean eating healthy diet for over two months and only managed to lose 3 pounds. She didn’t know what she was doing wrong. She never ate any processed foods, she drank a glasses of water a day, and she avoided sugar throughout the entire two months. It wasn’t until she invited over a friend of hers who is nutritionist in another state and asked her for help that she realized what she was doing wrong.

Why wasn’t Mary losing weight each month?

The nutritionist told her that while her food options were very healthy and smart choices, that she was eating too much for her body type and her weight goals. While she should have been eating less than three-quarter or a half cup whole wheat pasta, she was eating over a cup for example. As a woman who was quite short, she simply didn’t need that much past that each day. She was also eating too many carbohydrates throughout the day in addition to portion sizes that were too large. She was also consuming way too many facts. Maria thought that eating a bag of almonds each day was something healthy instead of reaching for popcorn or crackers. And while almonds are healthy, they should only be eaten in very small quantities and less than 12 a day. The bag of almonds alone was amounting to over 800 extra calories a day.

What happened after she reduced her portion sizes?

The nutritionist told Maria to start monitoring her portion sizes by using the 21 day fix portion control containers to track her food intake. The various sizes will teach you about healthy amounts of food and how many you need each day according to your current weight and height. After another two months of using the containers, Maria was able to lose 15 pounds. She is almost at her goal weight and if so thrilled that she was able to continue eating the way she was before and simply had to eat less in order to lose more weight. By combining this type of nutrition plan alongside an exercise program that will increase strength and flexibility, Maria will get to her goal weight in no time.