Got Back Pain? 3 Signs It’s Time to See a Specialist

When you’re young, you hardly have to think twice about moving. Kids run for hours on end, playing outside from dawn until dusk outside with their friends. They hardly think twice about moving around, running, jumping. Haven’t you ever been to the shopping mall and seen a pair of kids race up the stairs while their parents take the escalator? Because, why wouldn’t you? You’re a kid! Running and sports is a form of play, whereas adults view it as exercise, drudgery.spinal injury

But life takes its toll and as the years pass, we start to feel it afterwards. I remember waking up on my 25th birthday with a sore back and had no idea why. That turned into the occasional leg cramp or shoulder ache. I’d never experience aches and pains in my life and all of a sudden, I would get tight muscles instantly and need to stretch it out. I felt out even though I was still so young, but my body just wasn’t as agile and flexible as it was when I was a kid. But if you start to feel that simple tasks are extremely difficult to accomplish, it’s time you see someone. Some people have injuries that could be easily fixed by seeing a specialist and instead they suffer for year after year.

But when I played rugby in senior year of university, I had a really bad accident that lead to a spinal cord injury. It was so bad that I needed to see a neurosurgeon to help realign and adjust my spine. I was only 27 but I needed to have spine surgery or they were afraid I’d never walk again. My surgeon discussed the risks and benefits with me and I was prepared to never be able to walk again. But the risk was worth it because I wanted to get my body back to it was prior to my accident and injury. Having a spinal cord inury could lead to irreversible damage to the spine. This leads to becomnig much weaker, losing sensation in and around the body. Everything that once seemed easy now seems a million times more difficult.

During the surgery, my Neurosurgeon specializes in a number of different areas including helping people with issues with the brain, spinal cord and their nerves. After the surgery, I was bed-bound for several weeks and later entered into a rehabilitation process. Weeks of spinal therapy and a special massage given by the therapists in his office helped me on my way to a full recovery. I have since been able to complete regular exercise and am hoping in a few years will be strong enough to start playing football again.