Types of Yoga

There are so many types of yoga to consider taking up if you want to get in shape.

We prefer Morning yoga which is a mixture of stretching and flexibility training exercises. The benefits of yoga are endless but namely they cause you to become more flexibile so you are less sore throughout the day when exercising or performing regular daily routines like going grocery shopping, playing with your kids at the park, or even just walking around town.

We recommend doing about 20-30 minutes of yoga each morning before you have breakfast and helping yourself warm up and stretch.

In the evening, many people prefer to do yoga before bed to help unwind. Of course an evening session can be very soothing and relaxing but we do not recommend an intensive session where you will sweat a lot or you may be super tired and not be able to go to sleep or get a good night’s rest.

Some people choose to perform intensive yoga or bikram yoga to work up a good sweat and to help them lose weight. This type of yoga is not for beginners and the purpose is to workout and strength train your body. Therefore, you need to drink plenty of water and be well trained in the art and method of yoga before beginning workouts like this.