Organic Remedies for Teeth Whitening

One of the biggest products on demand in today’s beauty market is any type of treatment, liquid or paste that offers teeth whitening or reversing the effects of stains and teeth discoloration. The sad truth is that many of these teeth whitening strips are often full of chemicals that are unsafe, untested and may actually result in deterioration of the teeth. None of these remedies are proven to be safe and trusted and you might cause irreversible damage to your teeth purely for the benefit of having whiter looking teeth!

How vain can we get? teeth-whitening-remedies But it’s natural that you want a big white smile so you look amazing in photographs with your friends and family, or even because you may feel insecure when smiling in public because your teeth are discolored or white. Oftentimes, our genetics dictate what our teeth look like regardless of how often we brush or teeth or floss them. I have friends who have naturally yellow teeth even though their oral hygiene is better than other friends of ours who rarely floss. There isn’t a whole lot you can do to change your genetic code, but rather than invest in expensive products with harsh chemicals that could lead to permanent damage in your teeth and in other areas of your overall health and well being, there are a number of organic and natural solutions for teeth whitening.

Our highly recommended best dentist suggests the following solutions for those who seem to have stubborn teeth issues and need a way to lighten their teeth: You can make your own homemade paste to put on your teeth out of baking soda mixed with some natural freshly squeezed lemon juice. Baking soda contains a natural chemical that can help scrub away stains that have accumulated on your teeth as a result of your diet and this can help your teeth lighten. Use this remedy once a week to maintain healthy white looking teeth.

strawberries for teeth

Another dentist favorite remedy consists of strawberries, baking soda and some sea salt! A lot of people might worry that the red in the strawberries will cause the same effect as red wine but this simply isn’t true. Because of the vitamin C content in strawberries, plaque will break down and everyone knows that plaque is the contributing factor behind yellow-stained teeth. You can scrub with your finger but it is most effective with a high quality grade toothbrush.

Oil pulling is nature’s best friend and can help improve a number of health ailments that affect the body. You can pull or “swish” various types of oils in your mouth for different effects, but for the benefit of oral hygiene, coconut oil is best and also tastes delicious! This will work almost the same way as bleaching. All you need to do is swish the oil around your mouth for around 10 minutes and spit it out afterwards. Always remember to brush your teeth afterwards so you will go to bed with sparkling white rejuvenated teeth!